I've spent the better part of the past two decades writing on the politics of culture and the culture of politics. On that note, I hold the dubious honor of having stories published on the same day in both The Wall Street Journal (chronicling a visit to the Cuban government's radio broadcasting facility in Havana, complete with one of the F.B.I's then-Most Wanted American radicals behind the studio's microphone) and in Us Weekly magazine (tracking "Bennifer," the brief union of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck that turned South Beach upside down). It's still a toss-up as to who was more personally intimidating -- Cuban state security or J.Lo's bodyguards.


The New York Times:

A Cinderella Story for the Miami Art Scene’s New $100 Million Player
The ArtCenter/South Florida is planning to build a 40,000-square-foot art center in Little Haiti

36 Hours in Miami and Miami Beach
The area has South Beach, but other neighborhoods also lure visitors with music, galleries, and a tasty food scene

It’s No Secret: They Like a Little Espionage
When governments are crumbling, H. Keith Melton is knocking on the doors of intelligence agencies with cash in hand

Amid the Fanfare, Cracks in a Glittering Facade
Art Basel Miami Beach was bustling, but challenges may lie ahead for the arts scene there

Show Us Your Warhol!
Andy’s portraits of the rich and famous are his biggest body of work. So what was it like facing Warhol’s camera?

When Islands Were Shocking (and Pink)
In Miami, a look back at Christo and Jeanne-Claude's once-divisive project

From ‘80s Street Art to Graphic Novels. And Back.
After 40 years, Richard McGuire's handmade "Ixnae Nix" street posters come out of the drawer and into two new solo shows

A Provincetown Breeze Drifts Indoors With Local Art
A couple capture the artistic heritage of their resort town

Lee Quiñones Brings Street Art to His Living Room
A veteran of the graffiti wars showcases the journey of New York's street artists out of the subways and into museums

"LOVE" and Other Four-Letter Words
Somewhere in Robert Indiana's home in Maine there may exist an early version of his famous image – one that will startle his fans

The Water Will Come, but Not Here
A Miami Beach house was built to endure floods and provide thrills

When It Comes to Contemporary Art, Miami Wants More, More, More
The city is ground zero for cutting-edge art, fuled by the Art Basel fair, but how many museums does it need?

An Artist Turns Her Lens on a New Art City: Miami
Miami filmmaker Dara Friedman talks about her art, her career — and her city as a cultural capital

Forsaking the Punk Clubs of His Youth for a Well-Stocked Library
At 68, the punk rocker Richard Hell is more focused on writing, his own and that of the literary figures he admires

Club 57, Late-Night Home of Basquiat and Haring, Gets a Museum-Worthy Revival
The louche headquarters of the East Village '80s art movement time-travels to the Museum of Modern Art

A Little Piece of Downtown Damascus in New Haven
Artist Mohamad Hafez brings the Syrian Civil War to Yale

For Tony Kushner, It’s Angels Over the Breakfast Nook
At home in Provincetown with the playwright Tony Kushner, his husband, Mark Harris, and their art collection

In Miami, He Collects the Art of Fellow Cuban Exiles
Peter Menéndez, a retired architect, fled Havana as a child and has long championed the work of others from Cuba

Meet Archie Warhol, the Art World’s Second-Most-Famous Dachshund
Andy Warhol carried his beloved dog everywhere, even to Studio 54: "Just like Andy, he didn't say a word"

Friends No More? Jorge Pérez And Donald Trump
A close friend and business associate courted repeatedly by the president now waits for the phone to ring

Taking It To The Street With Jenny Holzer
The artist plastered New York City with political statements in a pre-Facebook era

Hot On The Trail Of The Sale
The dealer Fredric Snitzer hit Art Basel Miami Beach, banking on young talents

Whitney Biennial To Miami Artists: It’s Not Us, It’s You
For the fourth Biennial in a row, no Miami artist was chosen

Short Range, Deep Reach
Low Power FM stations are finding listeners who aren't afraid to touch that dial

Ben Morea Returns To The Site Of The Revolution
The artist who dismissed Warhol and abruptly shut down MoMa is back

Provincetown: Still The Place To Paint And To Party
Cape Cod's art colony celebrates its centennial

Duncan Hannah
A painter unmoored from time and trends

Omer Fast
Debut feature "Remainder" is poised to bring him a broader audience

Miami's Latest Gallery Scene
Buying, not renting, space in Little Haiti

Los Angeles To Miami By Way Of Aspen
The Pérez Art Museum Miami names Franklin Sirmans as its new director

A Cold War Memory, Now Hushed
A remote Everglades missile base was on alert to fend off airstrikes from Cuba

Envisioning A Museum, The Sky’s The Limit
In Miami, the Bramans plan the Institute of Contemporary Art

Those Artsy Early Birds Flew Away
Art Basel Miami Beach’s unfulfilled promise

What’s In Miami’s Bloodstream?                
The city isn’t exactly in danger of becoming a tropical Mayberry, but still, let’s sort fact from fiction

When The Drag Queens Go, The Neighborhood Follows                  
From cocaine cowboys to vacationing hedge funders

A Quick Stop In Old Cuba                 
No Che T-shirts at the Cuba Nostalgia fair

Rehousing A Miami Collection                      
The De La Cruz Art Space continues a trend of collectors opening their own museums

36 Hours In Cleveland                        
Entrepreneurs and bohemian dreamers alike are injecting fresh life into previously rusted-out spaces

Weekend At War                                 
German S.S. soldiers and American G.I.s fight the Battle of the Bulge -- in Pennsylvania

Rap Takes Root Where Free Expression Is Risky                  
With grim soldiers looking on, the raperos of Cuba are playing to enthusiastic crowds

The Wall Street Journal:

What Embargo? Hollywood Movies Unspool in Havana
Cubans queuing to see Planet of the Apes begs the question: Haven't the Cuban people suffered enough?

Rock and Roil, Wilco on Film 
A funny thing happened on the way to the pop marketplace

A Sundance for Ibero-American Films
The Miami Film Festival hopes to make the city a business hub for Latin film

Our Man in Havana
Meet the American citizen who parrots Castro's line over official Cuban radio

The Knight Foundation:

O, Miami: How A Festival Infused A City With Poetry
An in-depth report on the inaugural festival

Making Art General
Building community through innovation in the arts


New York magazine:

Miami Art Machine
Can a free (and rather free-form) art school make South Beach more than the art world's playground?

Fontainebleau Period
Has creative Miami been debased by Art Basel?

Baby Basquiats Storm Art Basel Miami
The boom is back: Even copies of Basquiat's work are flying off the walls

Boston Burger Bests Shake Shack
But was there vote fraud?

The New York Observer:

A Homegrown Terrorist Looks Back in Denial
Cathy Wilkerson's Flying Close to the Sun: My Life and Times as a Weatherman

Where the "It" Boys Are
Noveau-riche collectors in Miami Beach -- it's Art Basel! "Bianca's on my ass!"

The Marden Family
Brice, once stoner bro-in-law to Joan Baez, is enjoying a retrospective at MOMA and going for $1.7 million. Downtown, Mirabelle is enjoying her own art career, but turned inside-out

Deluded Times Reporter, Judy's 1950s Precursor
Just how powerful is the NY Times? Ask Fidel Castro

The Awl:

New Haven: One Town, Two Newspapers
Will the real digital innovators please stand up?

Awards, TV and Press Do Nothing
Indie music, away from the SxSW hordes


7887 kHz, Your Home for Classic Cuban Espionage Radio
The shortwave radio signals used by the alleged Russian spies are still surprisingly effective

3:10 to Yuma in Cuba
How a vintage Western film changed the way Cubans speak

Star Gazing
How to get close to Paris Hilton, doctor a photo, and avoid getting punched in the face


The Miami Herald:

Stories With A Bite
South Florida novelist Karen Russell sinks her teeth into the surreal

Filling In The Picture Of Miami's Early Arts Scene
Art historian Helen Kohen insists "local" is not a dirty word

Cuba's "ghost" writer regains his legacy
The literary tragedy of Guillermo Rosales

Gonzo Lives: Hunter S. Thompson
Striving to separate the man from the myth in an essential biography


Ocean Drive magazine:

What Became Of Baby Jane
Spotlighting Andy Warhol’s cinematic muse and first superstar, Palm Beach’s own Jane Holzer

Artistic Coming Of Age
The renovated -- and rechristened -- Dorsch Gallery marks the growth of Miami’s art scene

Game Changer
Local sci-fi novelist High Howey has written a best-seller and upended the rules of publishing

Miami, Dissected
In Back To Blood, Tom Wolfe aims his laser focus at the antics of our town’s upper crust

Painting The Open Road
Ed Ruscha’s wry homage to Jack Kerouac thumbs a ride to Miami

Color Contrarian
Darby Bannard has been upsetting the art world for four decades. His new Miami exhibitions prove he's not about to stop now

Breaking Brand
Miami’s Bhakti Baxter puts down his paintbrush in search of fresh inspiration

View From The Top: Graham Winick
With film and tv productions flocking to our streets, step inside the dream factory with the man who brings Hollywood to Miami

The Accidental Gallerist
After four decades as one of Miami’s foremost artists, Robert Thiele has a new calling

Why We Love Miami: A Guy Named Charlie Cinnamon Lives Here
The Miami media legend helped put this town on the map with common sense and a dash of old-world charm

Voices In The Crowd
Artist Dara Friedman searches the world for signs of the extraordinary

Almost Famous
Why ’80s East Village pioneer Oliver Sanchez is Miami’s best-kept art secret

The Year of the Cat
Cat Power reemerges as the face of Chanel and the voice of The Greatest

The Birth of Irony
A new anthology looks back on Spy magazine's reign as the king of satire

The New Face of Miami Beach Politics
Michael Gongora becomes the city’s first openly gay commissioner


Art Basel magazine:

Playing Favorites
For nearly 50 years, art dealer Gordon Locksley has been buying and selling iconic works. His strategy couldn’t be simpler

Locals Strut Their Stuff
Wynwood’s annual CasaLin pop-up exhibition showcases young Miami artists -- and a few equally vocal chickens


The Miami New Times:

Lotus-Eaters and Literati                 
Novelist Bret Easton Ellis has skewered the demimonde of Los Angeles and New York City. So what about South Beach?

When Drag Queens Ruled the World            
It wasn't so long ago, and it certainly wasn't far away

Story Line                                           
Still feisty after all these years, Carl Hiaasen unloads on Miami politics and corporate journalism

No More Mayor Loco            
Xavier Suarez is still a little crazy after all these years, but in Miami politics that can be an advantage

Ego Without End                                
Driven by shameless vanity and enabled by an obliging press, Maurice Ferré, unfortunately, is at it again

In Search of the Great Miami Novel  
Surely there's more to local literature than crime and exile

The Life in Nightlife                           
If the South Beach club scene appears comatose, it could be that not enough drag queens are screeching at each other

Out of Focus                           
Bruce Weber wrestles with the fashion beast he helped to create

Where Have All the Models Gone?   
Once an alluring symbol of South Beach, the fashion industry has all but disappeared

The Drudge Retort                              
Democrats hate him. Journalists scorn him. Most Americans ignore him. Which is fine with Matt Drudge. He's taking it to the bank

Dark Star, Bright Future                     
Phil Lesh is grateful to be alive, and to leave the lawsuits to the lawyers